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February 2015 - Snowman, TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm, #1 song the day you were born or were married or…, some jokes, historic photos, Meet the World's Most Deadly Archer, Winchester 1873 survives the ambush, Gramps’s Ipad, Arms Heritage Magazine The Mystery of the Nepperhan Revolver - Whence the Name, New Books and Special Thanks, Letters from Readers, Rants and Raves and more…

January 2015 - Calf vs Lion, Hubble Telescope Pics, Old Photos. Mystery Air Pistol, Paperclip trader, Snow Pics, silly blonde jokes, stick bomb commercial, remarkable German railroad model, scary pics, Carloyn Rifle Scopes, Elmer Keith (I almost wrote Keith Richards!) gun sale, Arms Heritage, Rants and Raves, New Books Letters from Readers and more…

December 2014 - Christmas 2014 Headlines from newspapers, military type motorcycle, Secret Service article about White House break-in, John Dickson book, Kings of the Road and fast car viewer, Requiem in Pax, neww books, letters from readers, rants and raves and more…

November 2014 - Political ads are a pain, Bruce McKinnon’s poignant cartoon, One click to the left, Grounded, Lockheed Fusion Reactor, Odd people sweeper, Glass Beach, Broken Lambo, The Story of British Handloading Cartridge Tools, 2nd Edition, by David Baker, Winchester catalog hard bound books for sale, I have this gun by Mike Carrick, New Books and Thanks, Letters from Readers, Rants and Raves and more...

October 2014 - Load a Bobcat; Creative Crosswalks; Moose/Car Crash; Jokes; How many days old are you; Relative sizes of the Universe; The Ventures General; Russian Priest – Su-35 Fighter; Building Code Violations; Arms and the Man – Free; Railgun; Guns Can’t Talk – Mauser 1914; New Books and Special Thanks; Letters from Readers; Rants and Raves and more…

September 2014 - Jokes, Famous People link website, castle game, blended WWII images, Hopkins & Allen Mystery Double Action No. 6, Fred Reed on police, Webley MK6 with two holsters, new books and special thanks, letters from readers, rants and raves and much more…

August 2014 - DARPA’s smart bullet, Wyatt Earp influenced John Wayne!, unbelievable hotels, jokes, gun control, Tree eater, My Weekend with a Kamakaze Pilot, New Navy Boat, When it’s not your time, Arms Heritage Tidbits, Ne Books and Special Thanks, Letters from readers, Rants and Raves and more.

July 2014 - Wacky Saudis changing tires; How a Machine Gun Fires through a propeller; D-Day Sites, Then and Now; E-Fan Electric Trainer Aircraft; Ed Reynolds and Arms and the Man; The Wraith of Ballylinan, Anatomy of an online scam; Jane Bannerman dead at 104; Confederate Civil War Grenade Warfare; New Book including Tranter Firearms and H&R Arms; Letters from Readers and Much More!

June 2014 - Parrot Image-woman sitting on a stump with full body paint, $5 million dollar singing pistols, “Holey” Bullets, Adams-Farwell Rotary Auto Engine, Kindig Collection of Kentucky rifles, Things not to try at home, Walter Walsh- Super shot and FBI hero, Tracking Point Firearms, Modern Gun School, Arms Heritage- Signal Pistols and Monographs, New Listings, Letters from readers, Rants and Raves and more.

May 2014 - The Double Barrel, 18-shot Pistola con Caricato Revolver, how about a double barrel, 18 shot, 9mm automatic? LOST IN THE FIFTIES- ANOTHER TIME ANOTHER PLACE, Where Do Old Bumper Cars Go? Khakis, KOHAR with Stars of Armenia- Big Band Jazz, Russian Pistol Range Game, IT'S READY! THE THIRD ANNUAL VOLUME OF ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE IS AVAILABLE, New Books and Special Thanks, Letters from Readers, Rants and Raves and more…

April 2014 - Opening Day-Fishing, Cell phone and Camera GPS info, Iowa State Tractors Stuck, Our Back Yard (in the snow still), Ice Cream and Dogs, U.S. Army Center of Military History, Felix Baumgartner at Mach 1, Website changes, Wolves in Yellowstone, Japanese Balloon Attacks, New Listings, Letters From Readers, Rants and Raves and more…

March 2014 - Larry Shelton's new book about Clabrough, What Curiosity Can Do, Crow Puzzle, In a Pig’s Mouth, Jukebox, Car Salvage, Billions and Billions of People, Elephant and Croc, The Fall of Fortresses, Arms Heritage- Civil War Hand Grenades, New Books and Special Thanks, Letters From Readers, Rants and Raves and more…

February 2014 - Elk and Moose in harness, Russian target game, Digging out from under the snow, Searching for used stuff, 9 volt explosions, FLIR (infrared) for your phone, Nikolaj Arndt street art, San Francisco film from 1906 (before the earthquake), Golden Gate Bridge under construction, Drone street views from 17,000 feet, Smaller drones looking at you?, “Radically Invasive Projectile”- 9mm killer, Arms Heritage, New Books, Letters from readers and Rants and Raves… much more

January 2014 - Bagpiper- funeral; Man shot in Buttocks; 3D printed pistol; Transistor that learns; V-E day celebrations in Hawaii; Fox Dive hunting; U.S. City Pics; Cars after the flood; Feeding deer, The Real Wolf by Will Graves; Arms Heritage- Colt 1851 Models; Lots of New Books, Rants and Raves and more…

December 2013 - December 2013 - Calls from the Wilds, jokes, Normandy remembered by fallen soldier monument; “TV binging" - watching whole series of TV stories one after another; Arms Heritage two volumes available; loads of new books, Letters from readers; Rants and Raves and more…

November 2013 - Massive Recoil, the SSK Industries monster; Old pics; What’s Missing; Purina- Border Collie video; Test You Batteries; Christmas Offerings; 19th Century Mass Merchants; The Economy by Ray Dalio; Arms Heritage Vols I and II; New Books; Letters From Readers; Rants and Raves and more…

October 2013 - More Free Downloads, Damascus Barrels, Blind Gun Permits, 1969 Remington Computerized Manufacturing, Christmas Specials, 240 Year Old Selectric, Gatling Gun- Electric Drive!, Arms Heritage Vol II, Lots of New Books, Letters from readers, Rants and Raves, Notes for New Readers and more…

September 2013 - ICE- In Case of Emergency; Wild Bill Hickok’s Smith and Wesson No.2 for sale; Providence Tool Co’s Peabody Rifles and sights; Handloader Magazines for sale; Falcon Nesting in a Tree; Fifty Beautiful Women; Mudflap Guy! Used Items including Guns, Cars, Boats etc- nifty search engine; Swat Teams and the Boston Shootings; Arms Heritage Vol II for sale now; Lots of new books, Rants and Raves, Letters from Readers and more….

July 2013 - Shooting Illustrated article, Morgan factory, Aircraft Carriers on Lake Michigan, Silly old advertisements, The Doe and the MG, Arms Heritage- Saluting Cannons, New Books and Special Thanks, Letters from Readers, Rants and Raves, New Free Stuff, Advice to new readers and Free Downloads.

June 2013 - Review of the SRM 1216 x 12 Gauge Shotgun, Sportsman’s Library by Steve Bodio, Coaches vs Profs and Docs salary chart, Stealth Fighter cartoon, Good TV Commercial, Space X descending rocket, Old TV Shows, Rob’s Cataracts, Arms Heritage- Market Hunting- Punt Guns, New Books and Special Thanks, Letters from Readers, Rants and Raves, New Free Stuff, Advice to new readers and Free Downloads.

May 2013 - Magazines available; Grizzly attack; Bored engineers; PT Boat 658; Fire Bombers; Shotshells to Slugs; Gun Accidents; Rob Mouat-Boston Marathon Manhunt; Set Trigger for Colt Percussion revolvers- Arms Heritage; New Books and thanks; Letters from Readers, Rants and Raves and more…

April 2013 - They Sold Trigger; Private Parking; Aviation Video Clips; Government Releases Confessed Terrorist; 1936 Fairbanks Morse M32D Hit or Miss Engine; Chain Saw; Samsung Bear Advert; Just ask Gram and Gramps...; Serious Car Wrecks... and any one of us; Put the Phone Down and Nobody Gets Hurt; The Gun Trade at Norwich, Connecticut; New Books and Special Thanks; Letters from Readers; Rants and Raves and more…

March 2013 - Put the Phone Down and Nobody Gets Hurt! Ernie Adams ¾ size 1949 Mercury; Notre Dame Door Study, Crossing into the Pacific from the Columbia River in a 50’ Boat; Glacier Calving in Greenland; Funny Photos; Wind Chart of the USA; Gun Control and the Changing American Character by Fred Reed; Automatic Priming Systems by Arms Heritage; New Books and Special Thanks, Letters from Readers; Rants and Raves; Notes for New Readers.

February 2013 - Graham Greener’s new books, dogs riding shotgun in car, disarming native Americans, Lake Superior, The Ex-Wife, Casting call for TV show, Christoph Funk History- by Peter Lund; Self-Defense- Crazy Russian Guy producer killed; Arms Heritage Annual available in hard copy; New Books and Special Thanks, Rants and Raves, Letters from Readers and more…

January 2013 - Yahoo censors; Jingle (giggle) Goats; Parkour- the French Army program for running away from or towards the enemy; Old Advertisements; WWII and just after the War Images; 1964 Styrofoam Dome House; Dow Museum Exhibit of Engraving and Taxidermy; Passing of Nick Niles; Arms Heritage- Conversions of M1836/1842 Pistols; New Books (Russian Manuals++); Letters from readers; Rants and Raves and more.

December 2012 - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Crazy Russian with a Mini Gun, Test your brain, The Needham Workshop, Christmas Discounts, SAAMI Cookoff- Ammunition mistreated, Arms Heritage- William Thornton, New Books, Letters from readers, Rants and Raves and more.

November 2012 - November 2012 Newsletter, Norton Motorcycle comes to life; Loaded Gun in Carry-on Luggage?; Airport Scanners, Metal Storn MG; Garden Up Close film; Christmas Discounts, Gun Book For Boys- Silvio Calabi, Shoe House Part 2; The Pistol that started a World War, New Books, Letters from readers; Rants and Raves and more.

October 2012 - Newsletter Statistics; Testing Bulletproof Glass in 1932; How to Get to Mars; World History in Two Minutes; Tour America in Six Minutes; Holt Bodinson on Bannermans; Rob Mouat’s dad and the Oerilikon 20 mike mike; Hopkin & Allen Czar by Mike Carrick; Lots of new catalogs; Rants and Raves and more…

September 2012 - Highway Hero, What Happened to Gun Report?, Advertisements for Children, Grenade Fishing, Opportunity Rover on Mars, Detroit Real Estate, The Saga of Angilo Freedland, Shoe House, Arms Heritage- Gun Trade in Norwich, CT, New Books, Rants and Raves, Letter from Readers, New Freebies and mopre…

August 2012 - Do not call link for the telephone, Jack Meyers .22 rifle collection for sale, Annie Oakley collection – auction results, anti-vampire cartridges for your Martini-Henry, "YOU ARE NOT TO BE BACKING UP BEHIND MY FIRING RPG" - Whoops Mohammed, Sounding Unwrite for Correctly Understanding! (Headlines that impart a confusing message), The Fowlerville Fair, Rodan sighted in Connecticut, Whaling Guns from Arms Heritage, New Books and Catalogs, Rants and Raves, Letters from Readers and more…

July 2012 - New Zealand auction of original old gun catalogs; Kynock Ammunition history- Lion Works; Underwater Shooting; Shucking Corn; Post Civil War photographs by Timothy O’Sullivan; Discounts for Seniors; Arms Heritage Magazine, Early American Breechloaders- Ferguson; New Books- Abels catalogs for reference, Marlin Serial Numbers and information. Letters from readers; Rants and Raves and more…

June 2012 - How Baseballs are Made; Crazy Russian Guy; Eonvrye woh can raed this rsaie your hnad; Innovative Auto Repairs; Why do big companies fail? Clayton Christensen; Davis Arms Historical Museum; Machine Gun Shoot, Regress Press; Curtis’s Ammunition Case; Arms Heritage Magazine- Murder at Madison Square Garden- Erik Goldstein; Letters from readers; New Books; Rants and Raves and more…

May 2012 - Car split in two, driver survives, Schuetzenfest-Milwaukee, Press the Red Button, Scale of the Universe, We Don’t Sell Guns, Wright Bros 1909, Cape Horn, Willie Nelson, Trivia, Arms Heritage- Dueling Pistols, New Books and 36 disc collection, Scott Duff-Walter Kuleck Books, Letters From readers, Rants and Raves, Helpful Hints, Parts Suppliers, Serial Nos, Free Downloads and more.

April 2012 - April 2012 Newsletter- Jokes, Nifty hints like the elevator trick, Speeding statute enforcement, Politicians, Pakistani/Indian border antics, Winter crash, Civil War Photos, Eagle in water, The Pilot, Trivia- from The Gun Book 1918, Arms Heritage- Gunpowder Testers, New Books (with lots of WWII manuals), Letters, Rants and Raves, Free downloads and more...

March 2012 - March 2012 Newsletter- Jokes, Wolframalpha, Baby names then and now, The Berlin Wall, D-Day fuel across the Channel, Post WWII photos, Owl attack, The blonde who hunted alligators (sounds as if it would make a good movie!), tax dollars, Gun Mailbox, Firearms Trivia- Browning, Arms Heritage- Mass Arms Co., Books by Authors, New catalogs, Letters from Readers, Rants and Raves, Free downloads and more...

February 2012 - Excellent short film of WWII air battle; email about huge alligator; film of Civil War vets reunion at Gettysburg; Chinese aircraft carrier; Somali pirates and their SAR-80; Arms trivia- Colt Firearms; Silvio Calabi's book on Rigby; Accurizing the Lee Enfield; Arms Heritage on Thomas Bacon; Letters from readers; new catalogs; Rants and Raves and mo...

January 2012 - Credit card usage online; Silvio Calabi, Steve Helsley, and Roger Sanger have a new book- Rigby-A Grand Tradition; The Burnside Carbine story by Arms Heritage Magazine; New book- Accurizing your Lee Enfield by Roger Wadham, Now books, Letters from Readers, Rants and Raves and more...

December 2011 - Free Stuff!-Help assembling a reference library for new collectors; Index of all Ideal catalogs; More Great Insights; Isometric drawing history; Ned Robert and Dick Carleton's Stevens Ideal #44 1/2 - 52; new additions; letter from readers; 'Best Of' gun accidents; Rants and Raves and more...

November 2011 - Bali Movie, Lighthouse Photos, Halloween poem with Dark Harvest:Legacy of Frankenstein game, penetrating questions, Jim Buchanan's western swing, lead paint test, Marlboros for Mommy, Rapid Developments by Jim Blackford, Letters, Rants and Raves and mo...

October 2011 - Yahoo! Da Bums; Glitch Firearms; Sexist Golf Joke; Penetrating Questions; Connecticut House of Reps doodling; Rob on recent additions; New Books and Special Thanks; Lots of Letters from Readers; Nasty Old Soldier Rants; Edited and shortened Notes.

September 2011 - Bob Toth passed away. Bears in the sandbox, Mount Rushmore, frontier gunsmith shop, XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System, Mike Carrick and the American Thompson Association about Jim Cake and the George F. Cake company 1934-1970s. New Books with the Federal Gas protection system that stopped "..Shooting in Crowded Lobbys (sic)". The interesting Zimina Vdova catalog from Russia in 1906, lots of letters and Rants and Raves.

July 2011 - July-August Newsletter. Pleasant Valley micro-climate; when it is time to quit driving, a bridge too far, atomic reactor, Dick Carleton's Model 42s, new catalogs, letters from readers, lots of them!

June 2011 - Mayonnaise, tape worms and Chesterfield cigarettes, Regress Press, James Blackford on the Lee Enfield, Royal Navy rents a ship from Norway, New Books and Special Thanks, Letters from Readers, Rants and Raves and more.

May 2011 - Husband Rob is joining the newsletter to help out. We have a fabulous new color printer. Hemingway's Guns for Father's Day. North American Model Engineering Society Expo in Southgate, MI. Regress Press reprints old Automobile Catalogs. Jim Blackford and the Gunfight at the Biltong Coral. New Books and thanks for loaners. Letters from Readers and follow-ups on the ATF non-gun question. Rants and Raves

April 2011 - Mike Carrick in Argentina at the Iquasu Falls with pictures by Dr. Tom Grollman; Ed Muderlak's passing; The ATF and non-guns manufactured before 1899 (Federal law is peculiar sometimes); Old time Radio Shows; New Books and special thanks; Lots of letters from readers, some are very odd.

March 2011 - Paul Head again looking for a star for the TV show about gun shows. Jim Buchanan's link to Air Traffic Control, Deer moving around the back yard, the priest and the pilot, Ross Seyfried on reloading, lots of new German catalogs from Fede Graziano and Tom Rowe, Colt Walker/Bannerman question, Krupp C73 cannon question, some neat old adverts, Dick Carleton's Fireball Air Pistol, Rants and Raves and more.

February 2011 - Source for parts and gunsmithing in Yorkshire, Joel Black's new book on Solid Frame Webley Revolvers, Paul Head is casting gun collectors for a new TV series, The Rancher and the Deer, New Books and a lot from Federico Graziano, a staff member of the Argentine Gun and Ammunition Collectors Association, Big Sandy Shoot, Dick Carleton's Remington 12s. Mick Beatwell's beef on Rants and Raves. More...

January 2011 - More credit card stuff, this time about the RFID. Rants and Raves, corrections about Breech Loading Guns and Big Horn Sheep, B-24 building video at Willow Run, US Airways jet video- in Hudson River, Ross Seyfried on German ammunition catalogs, lots of interesting new reprints, Dick Carleton's boot pistols and more...

December 2010 - Kari Prager passing; Hemingway's Guns again; 1930s pictures; Ross Seyfried on W.W. Greener; some great German catalogs and books, reloading and ammunition, von Frantzius and the Chicago mobs, Fletcher, Jenks in early Detroit; Hotchkiss Revolving Cannons in Texas; Spencer Carbine with Staber cut-off; Ibex in Italy masquerading as Bighorns in Wyoming; Rants and Raves and more.

November 2010 - November 2010 Newsletter: Mike Rich's appraisal service, Silvio Calabi's new book: Hemingway's Guns, Whiteout, Ross Seyfried on P. Webley 1888, letters from readers (some silly ones too); Fida Hussain Abdul Ali's stupid letter, Virginia Carter on Spam and much more!

October 2010 - Jokes from Dwight Hart, Robert Peterson collection, Ross Seyfried wrote about the Elk Song Ranch, new catalogs and some interesting old books, mystery rifle, nonsense rant, Miike Rich appraises you old guns

September 2010 - Color photos from the late 1930s; Fred Reed on shooting as a youth. The Monkey Analogy; more on email spoofing and spamming; 1848 Daguerreotypes; the JFK at Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta. Punt gun on Youtube; how Gun Review articles are written. Scots hunters in Canada. Ross Seyfried writes about the S&W 1900 and 1901 catalogs. New books, letters from readers, Rants and Raves and more.

August 2010 - used book finder, CPR revision- how to, why is a railway 4 feel 8.5 inches? Ross Seyfried on India and Burmese catalogs, 55 new catalogs, lots of feedback on Ross' July column, and my question about why we reprint catalogs. Rants and Raves featuring Daisy and Hubley blunders and more...

July 2010 - Marlin plant to be closed, three new boxes of originals for sale, Ross Seyfried on the 1950 Stoeger catalog, Lawrence of Arabia, William's Schoverling, Daly and Gales bicycle, Special Books by Charles W. Sawyer and Edward Farrow , many Gun Digest books, Barrel & Receiver Codes and Markings, the '09 Savage and 1908 Remington some great letters from readers and lots more

June 2010 - Help with identifying uses of old catalogs. Ross Seyfried debut article, lots of Folsom catalogs along with the shooting at the Folsom store in New York in 1900. HPR ammunition debut, Chinese ammo blows top of a .44 magn- what a load! That old fox, Jim Buchanan, Dr Issa M Alzard wants to sell UMC ammo in Kuwait! Rants and Raves and more.

May 2010 - Will Graves and his book about guns of our youth. New Mini-Pages. New Geco catalog along with some really interesting others. Punt Gun demo and Dick Carleton's Winchester cannons. Another "neutral" on Ebay.

April 2010 - Make a place in your will for your old gun catalogs, credit cards online, quality, size and paper of my reprints. New catalogs included some new air gun catalogs, new Whisker books, and more... Dick Carleton's F. Draper shot shell from 1864. Joe Mollitor's Things I owe my Mother. Baby Moose video, Kornelia Takacs' Compass book. Rants and Raves- Eel Spear collector.

March 2010 - Google 411 information service. Email form to prevent spam, vintage rail checking car, video of a gear-up landing with the ground proximity warning blaring away. Motorcycle mechanic and the heart surgeon. Beautiful 1950s and 60s car models by Michael Smith- pretty fancy photography too. New listings with crooked gaming equipment and Winchester-Cooey catalogs. Dick Carleton's Walnut Hill Stevens. Rants and Raves and more.

February 2010 - The New! tag on new catalogs. Addition is finished. SR-71 huge model, air show stunt flying, Civil War pictures, Dick Carleton's unusual Winchester 1886. Power Point shows of Rocks and Trains. Chinese Dog question and what is the E in a Savage Model 24-e-dl OU? Rants and Raves and New Catalogs.

January 2010 - B-25 comes home, Early Snowmobile, Great Animation Video, WWII facts, Loads of new catalogs, Wolf Dart and Winchester Model 12 from Dick Carleton, undeserved Neutral on Ebay and more...

December 2009 - New addition coming along. Credit card and using them on the internet. Credit safety. Lindbergh videos. The Soap Box. Some great new books. Dick Carleton's Ned Roberts Stevens 52. Some jokes and cartoons, The guy who thought we sold ammo clips and more

November 2009 - New Serial Number information and links, the addition for the office moves along, Island Lake Shooting Range, German Model Railway, Lots of Winchesters, Lefever question, gripes from the North Sea, St Peter and the motorcycle gang, patience and wisdom, I have one of your guns and it has problems.

October 2009 - New Newsletter Style, Virginia Carter, office addition, Gary Burghoff

September 2009 - Palm Tree mystery revealed What goes around comes around- the "Gumment". Daffy Duck Parachute Jump. New Books. Vladimir Golyakhovsky is looking for the maker of a gun he has. Help Col. Murray USAF.

August 2009 - Using catalogs to trace gun history, who to believe- when experts disagree, the Aquada car, Grand Haven holiday, right to carry across state borders, hysterical (the screaming kind) emails, WWII bomber crew log and more

July 2009 - Gift card email hoax, Joe Vorisek's new book, Jim Whisker has three new ones, two more catalogs from India and a bunch of Belding & Mulls and Newton catalogs. More people buying Daisy catalogs thinking they are buying a set of real guns! Weird.

June 2009 - More books by Dr. Jim Whisker, the truth behind Herter's expansion plans of the 60s with Krupp American, Luger American and Ruhr American. Also announcement of the new website thanks to Virginia Carter, the consequences of too many email addresses visible in an email and Billie Bryant's diatribe. The interesting but poor copy of the Bannerman 1910. Vorisek's handgun names and people's names and much more!

May 2009 - A new book by Jim Whisker, also books by Ed Muderlak on Parker guns, the .410 ammunition bible by Greg Bickford, trick handling old catalogs and how to scan ephemera safely. The electric shotgun and loads of nifty new catalogs including some super Ithaca. Weird Rant about shooting bullets from cap guns and more...

April 2009 - Dr. Jim Whisker books on colonial Gunsmiths- four of them! Fish Stories, about glass balls and clay pigeons, interesting little percussion gun, what NASA needs to know, 1957 ethos, Aussie insults, parts suppliers, Rants & Raves of course and more.

March 2009 - More of Joe Vorisek's gun history research books. Answers for Berta Lledo's questions about the Big Bullet. Dexter Smith revealed. New Merwin Hulberts soon available, Vicker rifle question, Remington Rolling Block parts, rant not glossy enough!

February 2009 - Joe Vorisek's books, Bob Munden the fastest man alive, big bullet from the Turkish ship Ertugrul, Dexter Smith shotgun. Browning/Remington connection, Vickers, Misc.

January 2009 - Happy New Year! Happy, the car, Fred Reed, Joe Vorisek, Al Capone, Browning:Remington Shotgun connection

December 2008 - The economy, Holiday Cards for Servicemen and women, How to use your credit card on the internet, British Shoots and Shooting, Rancho Bellas Rocas, Bullet Casting, Deer Stands, more serial number links.

November 2008 - Cross-Indexing the website, Rants and Raves in perspective, 53 catalogs added to the growing inventory, lots of questions and pictures, The Shotgun that Dispatched the Snake, Serial Number/Date of Manufacture help, Box 3 of Original catalogs for sale and more...

October 2008 - Hurricane Ike, Gun Serial Numbers, Turkish naval ship Ertugrul, Zulu follow-up and more...

September 2008 - Henry Ford Museum, Al Raitano, New Books and Special thanks, Our local newspaper is usually a bit dry, Letters from Readers, pre-WWII Japanese shotguns, Snider Breech Loading .577 cartridge rifle, 220L gun in the photos is a "Zulu shotgun", Frank Troeh L.C. Smith Specialty Shotgun, Rants and Raves and more.

August 2008 - Telephone Calls from the Wilds (Dropping an A-Bomb on Mars Bluff, South Carolina, Ray Runpf-Wholesale Bookseller); New Books and Special Thanks to Lenders (Lots of new Greener's, Webleys, BSAs, more); Brit Soldiers in Afghanistan Get a Surprise; Letters from Readers (memories of Andy Palmer & Military Inn, Detroit); Rants and Raves.

July 2008 - Telephone Calls from the Wilds, New Books and Special Thanks to Lenders, Charleton Heston Gun Collection?, Provenance for Your Gun, Double Gun Classics Magazine, Original Publications for sale, Rants and Raves, Published Reviews of our Work, Miscellaneous

June 2008 - Telephone Calls from the Wilds, New Books and Special Thanks to Lenders, Police seeking information about military ammo, Provenance for Your Gun, Double Gun Classics Magazine, Original Publications for sale, Rants and Raves, Published Reviews of our Work, Miscellaneous

May 2008 - Telephone Calls from the Wilds, New Books and Special Thanks to Lenders, Police seeking information about military ammo, Lon Berg is looking for some books, Provenance for Your Gun, Double Gun Classics Magazine, Original Publications for sale, Rants and Raves, Published Reviews of our Work, Letters from Readers , Miscellaneous

April 2008 - Telephone Calls from the Wilds, New Books and Special Thanks to Lenders, Lysle Kilbourne and the 1960-62 Lyman letter from him, Short Chamber Shot Shells, Provenance for Your Gun, Double Gun Classics Magazine available in printed form, Original Publications for sale, Rants and Raves, Published Reviews of our Work, Pictures from Readers, Letters from Readers, Miscellaneous

March 2008 - Griffin & Howe research service for thousands of guns & Rifles sold by Von Lengerke & Detmold and Abercrombie & Fitch. "I'm much prettier than you" in Rants and Raves. Abby's Picture!

February 2008 - More Norwich, Connecticut gunmaker history - Bacon Mfg, Continental Arms, Hopkins & Allen, Merwin Hulbert/Hulbert Bros, Baty State Arms, Forehand Arms, WH Davenport, Rockwell-Marlin/ Marlin Fire Arms, and OF Mossberg relationship!

January 2008 - Calls from the Wilds, FBI - Forehand query, Manawa Knife, Abercrombie & Fitch/David Abercrombie/New York Sporting Goods/Von Lengerke & Delmold/Von Lengerke and Antoine relationship answered.

December 2007 - More cannon, Rants & Raves, Gun Magazine Reviews of us, William Moore Gunmaker, London/Cogswell & Harrison history. 6000 subscribers!

November 2007 - Missing Cannon, Moore gun, New Parker book, Norwich CT gun companies - Newton Rifle/Chas Newton, Kirkland Bros, Davis Arms, Davis Warner, Crescent Davis, Stevens Arms, relationships, Gun history

October 2007 - New Cross Index, Addall, interesting gun history

September 2007 - Advertising for fall

August 2007 - Dog Palace, Meadowbrook

July 2007 - Gilmore Museum, Paypal softens its anti-firearms position!

June 2007 - 5000 Subscribers!

May 2007 - More on the Ross

April 2007 - Buyer Beware - Ross, Gun Prices

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