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Great Western Gun Works 1871 - Wholesale Sport Goods and Guns

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Great Western Gun Works 1871 - Wholesale Sport Goods and Guns

53 pages, over 8" x 5 1/2", soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced. Illustrated.

Great Western was based in the "wilds" of Pittsburgh, PA, but sold all over the country. "Mr. J.H. Johnson- Dear Sir: - Your letter and the gun are in hand. Everything all right. I went out on Monday 3d and shot 20 squirrels. I like it better than the gun you made for my brother, and his was one of the best in the country. Yours truly, E.H. Acker.

This comprehensive catalog sells everything from guns and ammo to knives, billies Army tents and tools. A must see catalog originally written for resellers of merchandise... a wholesale catalog.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 53
  • Air Guns
  • Allen's Derringer
  • Allen's Patent Cartridge Pistol
  • Army Tents
  • Baldwins Classic Paper Wadding
  • Ballard's Breechloading Sport Rifle
  • Bealls Sporting Rifle
  • Billie Colubs
  • Blue Jacket Cheapest Revolver
  • Boy's Guns
  • Breech Loading Rifles
  • Bullet Pouches
  • Cartridges
  • Cherries Made of Cast Steel
  • Combustible Envelope Cartridge
  • Common Rifles
  • Dart Guns
  • Dog Calls and Whistles
  • Double Barrel Shot Guns
  • Double Rifles
  • Duck Guns
  • E. M. Reilly Damascus Shot Gun
  • Edward Cox English Gun Caps
  • Eleys Gun Caps
  • English Stub Twist Barrels
  • Extra Fine Laminated Steel Double Guns
  • Fine Sporting Rifles
  • Fine Twist Double Guns
  • Game Bags
  • Greener's Genuine London Laminated Steel Barrel
  • Gun Cocks
  • Gun Covers
  • Gun Mountings
  • Gun Powder Diamond
  • Gun Powder Duck Shooting
  • Gun Powder Electric
  • Gun Powder Indian Rifle
  • Hair Felt Gun Wads
  • Henry Rifle
  • Holsters
  • Horseback Rifles
  • Hospital Tents
  • Hunting Knives
  • Kerr's English Army Revolver
  • Musket Wipes
  • Muskets
  • Muzzle Loading Rifles
  • Powder Flasks
  • Remington New Model
  • Remington Sporting Rifle
  • Rod Heads
  • Second Hand Army Guns
  • Sharps Four Shooter
  • Shot Belts and Chargers
  • Shot guns
  • Single Barrel Shot Guns
  • Smith & Wesson New Model Revolver
  • Smooth Bore Rifles
  • U S Musket Caps
  • W. W. Greener Shot Guns
  • Wall Tents
  • Waterproof Gun and Caps
  • Westley Richards DB Shot Guns
  • Whitney's New Model Seven Shooter
  • Winchester Repeating Rifle
  • Wire Cartridges
  • Woodhill BL Shot Gun
  • Youth Size Guns