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G and M Clyde Bell c1906 - Glasgow

Item #2597: $15.95
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G and M Clyde Bell c1906 - Glasgow

42 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice photocopy. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 42
  • G & M Clyde Bell
  • Glascow NW
  • Hints on buying a gun
  • Hints on cleaning a gun
  • Tips, recipes for Sportsmen
  • How to become a dead shot
  • Bantam Gun 410
  • Beware of Worthless Imitations
  • Britains Best Gun
  • BSA Air Rifle
  • BSA Wildfowl Shot Guns
  • Challengte All British Gun
  • Clay Bird Clyde Gun
  • Clay Birds and Traps
  • Clyde Hammerless with steel Barrel
  • Clyde Strongly Made Hammerless Guns
  • Clyde Trap And Wildfowl
  • Craig Hammerless 410 Bore
  • Cripple Stopper For Geese
  • Crow Catcher
  • Deadshot
  • Extra Stong Guns
  • Farmer's Plain Cross Bolt Gun
  • Folding Hammerless Guns
  • Gamekeeper Nitro Proof Clyde Guns
  • Gamekeeper's Specialities
  • Genuine .410 Yankee Single
  • Gold Medal Hammerless Goose Gun
  • Gold Medal High Grade Clyde Trap Gun
  • Grand Handmade Breech Loader
  • Guns for the Crack Shot
  • Hammerless Ejector Anson Deeley
  • Ideal Trap Gun
  • Knives for Sportsmen
  • Ladies and Youths Guns .410 Bore
  • List of Cartridges
  • London Proof Yankee Single
  • Machine made Anson-Deeley Hammerless Guns
  • Mauserlin Pistols
  • Mole and Rabbit Traps
  • New Winchester Take Down
  • Plus Three Tourist Gun
  • Prosperity follows a Clyde Gun
  • Rabbit Catcher's Department
  • Rabbit Jerk Patented Snare
  • Rat Traps
  • Repeating and Automatic Guns
  • Shore Shooting
  • Special Long Range Gun Nitro Proof
  • Super Clyde Keeper Gun
  • Superior Hammerless Pistol
  • Thistle 10 Bore Goose Gun
  • Three in one Gun Pistol and Guin
  • Wee McGregor
  • Wild Fowl Hammerless Guns
  • Winchester 12 Bore