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Iver Johnson 1871-1993 Firearms By Wm Goforth

William E. Goforth

Item #1307: $37.45
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Iver Johnson 1871-1993 Firearms By Wm Goforth

224 pages, about 8 1/2" x 11", glossy soft-cover in full color. New book, copyright 2006. Printed on high quality paper, perfect bound. Fully Illustrated.

Iver-Johnson Arms&Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993 is an enlightening dissertation, detailing one of America's premier (but little known) firearms manufacturers and their arms. Concentrating on the firearms, mainly the revolvers, you'll be tutored on all the pertinent information the educated Iver-Johnson collector needs in pursuit of his or her passion. Bill Goforth has produced a well-illustrated book with literally hundreds of quality photos, academically adorned with model variations, specifications, serial number ranges, dates of manufacture, and all the "nuts and bolts" information needed to properly document your firearms. This well executed text is highly deserving of a place in the library of any discerning armscollector. Chapters Include: 1. Early Solid Frame Handguns 1871-1899, 2. Early Solid Frame Double Action Revolvers 1878-1899, 3. Solid Frame Handguns 1900-1954, 4. Post World War II Solid Frame Revolvers 1946-1978, 5. History and General Information on the Safety Automatic Revolver 1894-1941, 6. Large Frame Safety Automatic Revolvers, 7. Small Frame Hammer&Hammerless Safety Automatics, 8. Markings Found On the Safety Automatic Revolver, 9. Other Top Breaks of Interest, 10. Optional Accessories and Special Orders, 11. Post World War II Top Break Revolvers 1946-1978, 12. Firearms 1978-1993, 13. Safety Mechanism of Iver Johnson's Arms&Cycle Works, 14. Top Break Revolver Barrel Latches of Iver Johnson's Arms&Cycle Works, 15. Parts List and Diagrams 16. Specifications for Iver Johnson's Arms&Cycle Works Handguns, 17. Patents, Appendix A. Chronological Listing of all Firearms of Johnson&Bye, Iver Johnson's Arms&Cycle Works&Iver Johnson Arms., Appendix B. Dates of Interest in the History of Iver Johnson and Iver Johnson's Arms&Cycle Works of Fitchburg, Mass. U.S.A., Appendix C. Iver Johnson Obituary, Appendix D. Franchise Certificate. 8 1/2" x 11, softcover, photos, illus, 232pp.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 224
  • By W. E. Goforth
  • Fully Illustrated
  • Early Solid frame Handguns 1871 -1899
  • Defender, Spur Trigger, Square Butt, 89 Series
  • Early Solid frame Double Action Revolvers 1878-1899
  • American Eagle, Bulldog, Boston Bulldog, Lovell action Model 1879
  • Solid Frame Handguns 1900-1954
  • Model 1900, Petite, US Revolver CO. 1900, 69 and 79, Target Sealed
  • Solid Frame Double Action
  • Post World War I 1946-1978
  • Target, Model 68, Model 55, 555 Cadet, Starter Revolver, Model 56, 57
  • Model 50 Sidewinder, New Bulldog, Swing out cylinder, Cattleman
  • History and General Information on the Safety Automatic 1894-1941
  • Large Frame Safety Automatic Revolvers
  • First Model Hammer, Hammerless, Second Model
  • Small Frame Hammer and Hammerless and Rimfire
  • Markings found on the Guns
  • Other Top Breaks
  • 22 Supershot, Secret Service, US Revolver Co, Model 36T
  • Champion, Trailsman and Viking series
  • Optional Accessories and Special Orders
  • Post WW II top Breaks
  • Supershot, Champion, Armsworth, Trailsman 66 and 66s, Vikings Deluxe
  • Firearms 1978 to 1993
  • Pony, TP Series, Trailsman, Compact 25
  • Safety Mechanism
  • Top Break Revolver Barrel Latchs
  • Parts and Diagrams of Most Models
  • Specifications for Iver Johnson Works
  • Patents
  • Chronological listing of all firearms
  • Dates of Interest