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Charles Boswell was not only a fine gunmaker but an expert shot in the sport of live pigeon shooting and accordingly specialized in the building of high quality competition shotguns and rifles. He founded his business in 1869 at Edmunton, but by 1884 had moved to 126 The Strand in central London. In 1914, Boswell's son, Osbourne George, assumed management and in 1922 the firm moved to South Moulton Street. Charles Boswell died in 1924, and in 1932, the firm moved again to 15 Mill Street, where the company was bombed by the Luftwaffe in April of 1941. Osbourne George passed away a few months later, and his widow ran the business until 1944 - after which point the family connection apparently ends.

In 1988, Charles Boswell was purchased by U.S. interests and Cape Horn International (previously Cape Horn Outfitters) located in Charlotte, NC, was retained to sell and manufacture the Boswell Guns in the U.S. In addition to acquiring their entire inventory of English manufactured firearms, Charles Boswell fabricated new shotguns and double rifles in the U.S. using the best materials, including English lock mechanisms and retained the Charles Boswell Co. trademark. Every gun was custom ordered to an individual client's requirements/specifications.

After several post WWII overseas ownerships, the brand was revived by British shooting instructor Chris Batha, with American owner Garfield R. Beckstead. Batha acquired the company name, records, and goodwill in January of 2004 and continues the heritage of building best guns of superior craftsmanship and outstanding quality of shotguns and rifles in all gauges and calibers.

Some information appears courtesy of David Grant and Vic Venters.